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Should children be introduced to the concept of Money : Two schools of thought exist on this question. Parents belonging to the old school of thought feel that children should not be spoken about money, spending, etc. The new school of thought believes that children should be spoken & taught about money.

How to introduce children to Money :
Children can be introduced to money as soon as they learn to count. For eg: Instead of giving a ten-rupee note to children, 10 one-rupee coins can be given to them. Without realizing, the child will learn about money.

What to teach children about Money :

The focus of teaching about money to children should revolve around concepts of Earning / Income, Spending, Saving and Borrowing.
Childrens Corner (Tell Me More) :
Answers to the questions you always wanted to know. This section cover a list of topics like history, geography, science, human body, universe, inventions and discoveries and general knowledge
Childrens Corner (Learning Through Fun) :
A new list has been added to this section like connect the dots, guess the number, identify the animals, identify the person, match the images, what comes next, what's the change, operation numbers, the flag, word confusion, odd, word mixup, word builder, equaliser, etc.
Childrens Corner (Online Games) :
Enjoy the Frisbee game, eliminate the militants hiding in the house in Encounter, destroy the enemies who have attacked your country in Operation Vijay. The other games include shooting, hungry monkey, alien attack, jigsaw puzzles, memory games, spot the difference, search the fruits, tommy in space, hangman, maze, etc.
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