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Menstruation can bring about 2 kinds of changes in a girl's body:

Physical Changes : These are the fundamental changes a girl will notice physically about her body.

Skin Changes : Puberty changes a girl's skin and thickens it. She may not feel her skin to be as soft as it was before puberty.
Secretions : Menstruation increases the body's production of both oil and perspiration during the days before the period is due. Pimples triggered by hormones break out on the skin and your daughter may also sweat more. She may feel her body odour increase so its best to pay attention to hygiene during this phase.
Bloating : It's natural to feel a little heavy or bloated before the periods. This is because of water retention caused by the hormones.

Emotional changes : Along with the physical changes, here are some emotional changes which your daughter may feel too:

Changing moods, headaches and irritability are common during periods. Try and make her understand that hormones cause this, and assure her that this is just a passing phase. Feeling down and depressed during periods is perfectly normal. In fact it is experienced by many. What she is really unhappy about is being uncomfortable and feeling restricted in her movements.

Good exercise and a proper diet can help to relieve the stress and will also help in energizing her, in turn boosting her self confidence.