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It is important for young girls and boys to be made aware of the need for contraception and the various contraceptive methods available. With sexual experimentation commencing rather early amongst teenagers today, it is imperative that they be informed so that they can protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies, from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS. Proper knowledge of how the different methods work, their advantages and disadvantages is necessary to enable your child to make choices if and when she has to. Even later on, in her marital life, this information will be invaluable for your daughter in ensuring spacing in childbirth, and thereby a healthy, happy marriage and motherhood.

The choice of contraception can be made from the various types:

The natural methods
Coitus interruptus (withdrawal method)
b. Rhythm method (safe period)

The barrier methods
Male condoms
b. Female condoms

The hormonal method
Oral pills
b. Injectables
c. Implants

Intra uterine devices
Copper T

Permanent methods
Male sterilization
b. Female sterilization