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Many theories have been propounded regarding the origin of HIV, but
nothing is definite.

1981 - The first case was detected in Los Angeles (USA).
1986, April - 10 sex workers were identified to be HIV positive from Madras in India.
1988, December 1 celebrated as World Aids Day for the first time, when Dr. Jonathan Mann and other health ministers had a summit calling for a spirit of social tolerance and greater exchange of information on HIV / AIDS. Since then, on this day, people all over the world have a chance to review the past year, remember those who have died and to celebrate the living. It may be an opportunity for a parade or show which acknowledge
both life and work with HIV / AIDS.
Statistics reveal that India will probably be the world's worst affected AIDS region. Maharashtra accounts for 50% of all reported HIV and AIDS cases in India, followed by Tamil Nadu and Manipur.
WHO estimated that about 80,000 people worldwide are estimated to be infected with HIV infection per day.
More than 95% of the HIV positive cases are detected in the developing countries.