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How To Get Your Child To Love Science

Science can be learned from our everyday experiences. We can get our children interested in science with simple objects and books around the house.

Make History Come Alive
Children have an attraction to things of the past. They are generally attracted towards ancient coins, many of the rituals, etc. in their natural play experiences.

Building Math Skills

Children are natural mathematicians. It is just that they require the right exposure to logical thinking. If you show your child, how maths is a part of everyday life, he will be eager to learn more.


Importance of Playschools - Mrs. Margaret Mascarenhas
It is never to early to start toddlers of your child development .....
* Why send a child to a Playschool
* Learning through Playing

How to find the best preschool - Mrs. Margaret Mascarenhas

List of measures to identify the best pre-school for your child
List of Playschools
A list of playschools in :
Mumbai Chennai
Delhi Bangalore
Calcutta Hyderabad

List of Schools

A list of schools in :
Mumbai Delhi
Chennai Calcutta
Bangalore Hyderabad
Pune Goa
Bhopal Secunderabad

First interview in school

The day you and your child have been waiting for have arrived. What you need to know to make a good impression in the interview.

Preparing your child for school

How to prepare your child for school so that school is an enjoyable experience and not a punishment.

Problem of Homework
Why children dislike homework your role as a parent

Your relation with your toddlers teacher

School is considered a second home. The best gift you can give your child is creating a circle of support i.e a good relationship with your child teacher

Helping shy children in school
" My child is very Shy" and often heard statement.
* Steps to be followed to help your child overcome their shyness.

How to help your preschooler learn to read

It is important to teach your preschooler to love books and stories. Here are a few ways to nurture such a love.

How to raise a child who loves math
It is very necessary to introduce math concepts early. The more a child enjoy numbers, the more motivated he'll be to learn

Avoiding School

Many times a child is reluctant to go to school. There are many reasons for school avoidance. Find out how you can handle such a situation.

Bullying and Teasing
Hostility and aggression directed towards a victim who is physically or emotionally weaker than the bully are signs of bullying. The result of this behaviour is pain and distress for the victim.