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Pregnancy is seen as mostly as mom thing. In recent years, more attention has been given to the paternal contribution in pregnancy. A husband can participate too by listening to the baby's first heart beat, reading naming books together.

The following ways a husband can share in his wife's pregnancy.

Pay attention
Be an active observer. Let your wife know you're enjoying seeing her belly grow, feel the baby kick.

Be there
Visit the doctor for prenatal care appointment together. Don't miss the chance to get a glimpse of your baby during an ultrasound.

Support her
You can support her by sharing these life style changes. Give up alcohol, drink more fluids, cut down or cut out alcohol yourself. Don't smoke.

Be prepared for labour
Attend the prenatal classes. Practice breathing with her so that you could help her with labour. Be ready to embrace her hold her hands, soothe her. if you're up for it, ask your doctor if you can "catch" the baby, that is, support him as he emerges from the birth canal and cut the umbilical cord.

Love her changing body
Your wife may feel unattractive, understand that your wife is going through a lot of hormonal changes. Support her, love her changing body. Express to her that she even looks nice pregnant.