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Easy Labour By Breathing

Most antenatal classes will teach you some breathing exercises. These breathing exercises vary from one ante-natal class to another. These controlled breathing   exercises will help you relax your muscles when the labour contractions start. It will distract your body and mind from any pain you experience and it will especially help you to concentrate, if you fix your eyes on any object in the room.

The simpler the breathing technique,  the easier it will be to do,  for if there are too many different levels to remember, you are more likely to get muddled during labour and  you may feel you have lost control.  Never mind,  the nurse and doctor and of course your husband will be there to help you. The main aim is to slow down your breathing, concentrating more on the outward breath. Remember, do not hold your breath at any stage as this increases tension.


When you feel the uterine contractions, take a deep breath through your nose and feel the air go down to the bottom of your lungs at the base of your ribs. If done correctly, you will feel the chest moves only a little, but the abdomen gets pushed out as you breathe in. To check if you are doing this correctly, put one hand on your chest and the other hand on the stomach, which you will feel moving outwards. Now as you breathe out through your mouth, slowly purse your lips and relax the tense muscles,  dropping your shoulders down and unclenching your hands. At the end of the contraction breathe a sigh of relief !


Become breathless
Suggestion: may be breathing too fast, so slow down.

Become dizzy
Suggestion:  You may be breathing in too strongly (hyperventilation) Cup your hands lightly around the mouth, breathing normally  several times  till you feel better. Continue with your exercise making sure that the out breath is stronger.

All along make sure you are comfortable and slightly propped up, if you are lying on your back.