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Exercising in Pregnancy - II
Tummy Exercises
Pelvic Tilt: Lie in the basic position.  Tighten your tummy muscles, so that your abdomen is gently pulled down towards your back while exhaling. Then inhale and relax your spine. Repeat several times. This can also be done standing upright with your back against the wall. This can be a excellent way to improve your posture.

Keep the small of your back pressed down and slowly stretch both legs until they are straight. Slowly draw one knee back up and then  the other without lifting the small of your back. Repeat and slowly increase the count to 10 times.

Leg Lift: Lying on your left side, with shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line,  support your head  with your left hand, the right hand is in front of your chest on the floor. Relax and inhale. While exhaling slowly raise your right leg as high as you can. Inhale  while lowering your leg. Repeat this process 10 times on each side.

Full Squats: Keep your back straight, squat down low and keep your legs as far apart as possible,  distributing your weight evenly between the heels and toes.

Half Squats: Hold on to a chair, placing the left foot in front of the right, pointing the left knee slightly out, bend both the knees slightly, keeping your back straight, stand up slowly and repeat with the right foot forwards.

Breast Exercises

Sitting cross legged is comfortable during pregnancy. You should sit this way and do arm stretches.  You should place your hands on your shoulders and then lift both arms above your head. Stretch one arm higher than the other as if reaching for the ceiling. Then relax it and repeat with the other arm. Repeat it 10 times on each side.

The Cat Posture

Get on all fours with your back  in a relaxed position.  Then arch your back gently and push your head down, so that you feel a stretch  from the neck downwards.  Now raise your head as you relax your back to its normal position. Repeat once. This exercise is useful throughout pregnancy into labour, to relieve the pressure of the enlarged  uterus.

Other exercises which even a novice can do

Walking at a brisk pace.
Cycling on a stationery bike.
Swimming : A wonderful exercise for pregnancy. Even if you cannot swim, hold on to the side of the pool with your back to the wall, you can exercise just by cycling in water.