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How do environment and heredity influence the child's development?

Professionals believe that the child's personality development and growth depends on both "Nature and Nurture" together. The physical development of the child depends on nurturing along with maximum opportunities.

A child's physical features are determined by heredity. And so, before prior adoption the child's complete medical check up is a must. The agency involved would give you all the possible relevant information about the birth mother and also about the delivery of the baby.

Generally, 'Personality' is the result of the 'Upbringing' while that of 'Physical Features' is 'Inherited'. For e.g.; A child's height to certain extent depends on heredity whereas at the same time, nutrition that is good, helps the child to grow his potential height.

All values like honesty, integrity etc. are learnt by the child from parents and not generally inherited. People normally associate ones behavior as inherited characteristics, which is not true. This behavior is acquired from the environment. It is therefore very important for the adoptive parents to look into the child's background and clarify what is inherited and what is not.

As far as the intelligence level of the child is concerned, it is believed by the psychologist that the child's intellectual ability is inherited, but here again it entirely depends on the environment whether this ability is fully realized or not. The intelligence, children are born with, is most often not utilized. Thus, sometimes children may seem to be dull whereas actually they are not.

The adoptive parents belonging to a superior background generally have expectations from the child, which may be higher than the child's potential capacity, this might lead to disappointment. Destitute children definitely need adoptive homes for better opportunities but it is unfair for them to live with the unrealistic parental expectations. Thus, it becomes very important to be realistic and practical in your expectation.

Generally, the important question that would tend to arise in your mind would be, Is the risk of having a biological child greater or having an adoptive child? The advantage of adopting a child is that, after making a choice of the sex of the child as well as the physical normality's you adopt. Whereas, biological child would sometimes turn out to be a physically handicap. So, we can conclude that given the same environment and opportunities not only the birth child but also most of the adopted children can develop.