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How should you tell the child about adoption ?

For the adoptive parent's "Adoption" is a process of emotional experience and at the same time it is also a sensitive experience to share with the child the fact of adoption which might cause anxiety to them.

The best way is to start as soon as possible depending on the child's emotional maturity, say at the age of three years. Being comfortable with the fact of adoption is very important for the parent's, it is then that there are in a position to tell the child. The child should be very comfortable with the word "Adoption" and consider it to being loved and wanted and so should be used frequently in the house.

It becomes very important for the parents to explain the fact of adoption to their child. At the age of three to six the child will start asking silly questions and it is important for the parents to answer it in a very simple form. The child gradually starts understanding how babies are born and might ask question as to how he/she was born. The best way is to reveal the fact in a very innocent way and make the baby feel that he / she was wanted by parents and so was adopted.

What is said is not important but how it is said is important. Parents should often hug and kiss the child and say things like "we are very happy to adopt you." The whole process has a deep emotional meaning for both the parents and the child.