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What should you do when the child searches for roots and identity ?

No one can give a perfect advice, as this is such a sensitive aspect of the adoption process. The biological mother has the right to keep her identity confidential at the same time, the adopted child also has the right to search for his roots and identity.

This often leads to a traumatic situation for the adoptive parents as it threatens the security of their parental ties. At this time, the social worker should pay attention to the child's questions like "Who is he?", "Who are his parents?", And give relevant information without revealing the biological mother's identity.

Adoption agencies in India have a confidential record system whereby there is no access to the relinquishment document and it remains a property of the court. In the process of adoption, an adopted child's search for his roots has far-reaching implications in the lives of all involved.

So, when the child grows up, relevant information about his birth parents and the reason behind abandoning him should be given. The needs of all should be protected without keeping anybody unhappy.