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Party Organizers
A list of party organizers in
* Mumbai * Chennai
* Delhi * Bangalore
* Kolkata

Party Venues

A list of party organizers in

* Mumbai        

* Chennai  

* Delhi            

* Bangalore

* Kolkata 

Games to Play
Party time!
A listing of the various game you can play on your little one's birthday party.


Cakes Recipes

Delicious cake recipes which include....
* Pineapple Cake * Upside Down Cake
* Chocolate Sponge Cake * Black Forest
* Chocolate Icing * Plum Cake
* Basic Sponge Cake

Snacks Recipes
An exhaustive listing of Snacks for parties, which include ....
* Cucumber cream cheese club sandwich * Chinese stuffed mushroom
* Paneer Capsicum Mushroom Sate * Paneer Roll ups
* Cocktail Paneer Samosa               and   much much more ...........................

Theme Parties

From Superman to ...... Charlie Chaplin.
List of Theme ideas for the Party

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