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This is one of the most exciting experience for the parents to gear the child up for their first school interview. In the past, interviews were not mandatory, however now they are almost compulsory.

Teach the basics
Teach the child the basics like child name, parents name, name of sibling. The child must be able to name fruits, vegetables, birds, colours.

First impression is the last impression
Greeting visitors, shaking hands with acquaintances saying Good Morning, Thank you, etc. will create a lasting impression with the interviewers

Do not be tense. Your child can sense your anxiety. He will be judged according to his basic skills of reading, writing, his creativity and his perception of the world.

Freedom to express
You should make your child fearless. He should have the freedom to express what he wants, be it his thoughts or ideas, etc. This will help him create a good impression with the panel of interviews in a short span of time.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Instill values of cleanliness. Teach cleanliness as a matter of principle. These habits will reflect in his interview and help him further in life.

Stimulate curiosity
Always pinpoint to different objects while moving in a car, garden, etc. Make him alert to the environment. Answer all his queries.

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