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A few days before school is about to begin after summer, regularize your child's daily routine. Make him get up on time and sleep on time. Also ensure that meals are given regularly. This kind of change will help your child slowly to adjust into his new life once school starts, instead of making going to school an ordeal or a shocking experience. If it is possible, take your child to visit the school where he will be studying in advance before school starts.

Show him his future classroom, the playground, the assembly hall and lunchrooms and especially the location of the bathrooms. Also mentally start preparing your child that from now on he will be going to school. Talk to him reassuringly and tell him how school is good for him and how he can meet other children of his age and interact with him. Tell him about how he can study in school and became an intelligent and smart person.


One day before school starts, make all the preparations in advance for the next day. Choose the clothes your child will wear and if he would like to help you choose them then that is fine. Think in advance about facilities like his water bottle and lunch box. Make sure his bag is neatly packed and organized and that he gets a good night's rest before the morning comes. Once at school the next day, make the prospect of the whole day at school sound exciting. Tell your child that you will be eagerly waiting for him after the day at school gets over and you would want to hear about all that he did at school. Make the good bye short and sweet, but seem caring and affectionate. If there is a problem of separation, ask the school authorities if you could stick around in the school for a few minutes after the bell just so that your child could be comfortable and settle down.


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