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Education can be the most effective way of giving equal opportunity and getting rid of differences among us. In a democratic country like India, it is considered a fundamental right for citizens to get education. Primary education has a lot of importance in our country, it is essential for children to get education at least till primary.

India has progressed a lot in the field of education and professionals from various fields from our Institutions are doing very well all around the world. There are three major bodies in the educational planning committee :
1. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Delhi.
2. National Institute of Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA).
3. University Grants Commission (UGC).

To nurture talents of students in our country :

Government of India has launched a scheme called "Navodaya Vidhalaya Scheme" to identify gifted children and give them quality education.

2. National Talent Search Scheme.

National Level Examinations conducted by the NCERT, for Mental Ability Test and Scholastic Aptitude Test at state level. (MAT / SAT)

However our focus should be to search talents in schools, so that we could cater to a larger number of children.

New Horizons for the Gifted Children
International Organizations like World Council Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC), National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), Asia pacific federation of the WCGTC Institute of Gifted Children (IGC) and Research Centre for Gifted Children, Chennai hold regular programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences for parents, teachers and other people working with gifted and talented children.

Counselling for Gifted Children
Counselling is important for the complete development of gifted children. Parents and teachers are very important in helping the gifted, understand their problems and overcome them.

Any kind of stress that gifted children undergo due to high expectations from parents, teachers and peers could be reduced with support from the same, making things a little easier at home or school.

At times, when gifted children are trying to live up to their parents expectations they may face conflicts of competition and higher achievement which need to be handled by professional counsellors who are experienced and well equipped. The most frequent issues faced by gifted children (Specially during the schooling years than the preschool years) include the following :


What makes them so different from the others feeling different?


Feeling inadequate at times, when not being able to perform as expected causing emotional disturbances at times.


Extremely sensitive, may get upset or hurt easily. May not like being compared to siblings or peers.


Inability to express ones frustration or anger easily and feel upset all the time

5.   Highly critical of self.

Show deep concern for moral values and being just and fair to everyone. Will dislike being rude and disrespectful towards elders.


Lack of understanding from others may lead to a communication gap between the gifted and the others i.e. parents, teachers or peers.

Teachers as counsellors
Teachers in school should be trained in understanding and counselling gifted children, this can be of great help to these children in the school environment itself.
A teacher as a counseller in a classroom set up is of an advantage for the gifted child :


As she can be of regular assistance in the classroom itself.


Common issues or problems faced by the gifted can be dealt through a group activity. e.g. If an observant teacher comes across a gifted child with a problem of low self esteem she can plan a group role play on a similar situation to be enacted where in the children are asked to come up with solutions for the same.


Social, emotional and academic issues can also be well handled in an integrated manner by the teacher herself.


The teacher can always provide an ongoing, continuous, appropriate and immediate motivation in the classroom.

Career Counselling for the gifted
Gifted children should be counseled with regard to their strengths and abilities and various areas of interest so as to enable them to choose an appropriate field of study to be pursued as a career later on. There are many psychological tests on aptitude, personality, interests and careers, which could be of help when counselling the gifted.

Career guidance at an early age can help us channelize their abilities more constructively and effectively. Schools should organize exhibitions and talks related to career guidance.

Take a look at this list to know your child
1.    Enjoys learning.
2.    Shows curiosity by asking questions.
3.    Learns things easily, has a good retention.
4.    Good observantion.
5.    Has knowledge about one or more subjects.
6.    Has confidence.
7.    Enjoys socializing.
8.    Takes pride in what he does.
9.    Cooperates with everyone.
10.    Can be relied upon and responsible.
11.    Has a good sense of humour.
12.    Is well organized and planned.
13.    Completes a given task before doing another task.
14.    Enjoys writing stories or composing poems.
15.    Like to collects things.
16.    Likes to plan games and activities.
17.    Likes to read.
18.    Enjoys constructing or creating something .
19.    Does not get frustrated for everything.
20.    Likes going to school.