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It is especially important in all day situations to build a good relationship with your child's teacher. Its very important to have staff parent interaction. School is considered a second home to a child. The best gift you could give your child if you create a circle of support i.e. a good relationship with your child's teacher.

Your child will feel more comfortable and will feel good about learning. Here are some ways to build and sustain good communication with your child's teacher.

Know your child's teacher
Get to know your child's teacher. Introduce yourself, speak general, and mention about your child in a casual way to the teacher. The child feels more comfortable and secure seeing parent speaking to the teacher.

Meet the teacher regularly
Its important to have good staff parent interaction. Build a personal rapport with the teacher. Consult the teacher either by phone or in person.

Appreciate the teacher
Everyone appreciates a kind word. Thank her, Praise her. Thank her for being sensitive towards your child - giving him extra attention.

Be a part of the class
Involve yourself in any way possible. A small gesture goes a long way to show you care. Participate in parent teacher association. If teacher needs extra help on a particular day - offer your services.

Make school a part of home
Talk about school at home. Ask him questions about how his day was. What did he do, etc.

Respect the position of the teacher
If you are facing a problem with your child try to speak to the teacher. Try working out the problem. If unsuccessful discuss with the supervisor with the teachers knowledge. Include her in the discussion if possible.


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