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Air Pollution and its impact on Health

While everyone is affected by air pollution, the most affected are children and the elders. The effect can vary from short term to long term illness. The lungs in children are not fully developed at birth and continue its development during childhood. Thus they fall easy prey to various illness related to air pollution.

Air pollution related health problems can range from eye irritation, headache, nausea and go up to extreme cases like cancer. There are many other illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, allergic reactions, heart disease, damage to the liver or kidney which can be related to air pollution.

The illness need not only be physical, but psychological as well, wherein a person could experience lower level of concentration, drowsiness and also show signs of slow reflexes.

Measures to tackle air pollution
1. Instead of using a vehicle for short distance encourage family and friend to walk to the market.

2. Bicycle should be used more often than four wheelers.

3. Public forms of transport should be used more often.

4. Try to send your children to school be used more often.

5. Try to send your children to school in the school bus than dropping them personally.

6. Encourage family and neighbours to look after trees.

7. When not required, switch off all fans and lights

8. Maintenance of car should be done at regular intervals.

To make any changes for a better environment, involvement of people is important. By bringing awareness among people we could solve this problem. Public involvement not only means NGOs but educational institutions and consultants as well.

Fireworks during Diwali are a cause of air pollution especially for pregnant woman, asthma patients. MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) is collaborating with the police to monitor air pollution during Diwali.

In reducing air pollution we all can contribute to some extent by conserving energy. Trees clears up the air around us by giving at oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide and so our first step should be to plant more and more trees around us and make the place a healthy living space.