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Urban Wetlands

People in most of the cities in India have looked after the urban wetlands as it is their main source of water supply for drinking and irrigation. These wetlands are either built by people or are naturally found all over the country.

Near some rivers are lakes in the catchment areas there were tanks constructed. In these tanks rainwater would get collected in the monsoons. There are tanks built by the Hoysalas that still exists. Earlier cleaning the tanks were part of the rituals but gradually people started destroying these wetlands.

Over the years in the Hussain Sagar lake the pollution level has been going up because of polluting industries around the lake. Throughout the year the pollutants flow in the lake and only once in a year it gets a chance to rejuvenate itself.

The tanks located around the city meet Indore’s water needs. But gradually the tanks have dried over the years.

Water needs of the Bhopal city depends entirely on lakes as there are no rivers. But due to dumping of sewages these lakes have become polluted. Recently a scheme was introduced by the government to prevent the flow of waste into the lakes.

People should live in harmony with the nature to survive and remain healthy.