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Water Conservation

The demand for water over the years have gone up because of growing industralization, agriculture and population growth. To preserve water dams are built, wells are dug and in some countries water is recycled.

5000 years ago during the Indus Valley Civilization urban water supply and sewage was one of the most sophisticated systems in the world. At both Mohenjodaro and Harappa there were covered drains running beneath the streets. To store water each fort had its own storage system like ponds, wells, tanks etc which still exists.

To transport water to distant places there were underground pipes and tunnels made.

Water in the urban areas do not soak because of construction of houses and roads whereas water quickly flows in the rivers in the rural areas and even drys up after the rain stops.

Storing rain water underground or on the roofs of building is mainly known as rainwater harvesting.

Authorities are making rainwater harvesting compulsory in all new structures. If a new building did not have rain water harvesting no water would be provided. To ensure groundwater level these rules should be implemented.

The benefits of rain water harvesting are it is environmentally friendly, increases water availability and prevents soil erosion and flooding.

There are some simple things to conserve water:

* Saving water every day even a drop can make a difference.

* Use only limited amount of water that is required.

* Encourage friends and neighbours to conserve water.

* Look for new ways to conserve water at home.

* Ensure that your home do not have leaking pipes.

* While brushing teeth or washing do not leave your taps open.

* Do not unnecessarily flush the toilet.

* Place a drum on a platform to collect rainwater.

* While washing dishes and clothes do not leave the taps running.

* Make sure that these is no leakage in the toilet tanks.