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Millions of people depend on rivers for their survival. There are large and small rivers flowing through our town. As the rivers flow downstream they carry along with them sand, some organic compounds and other materials.

Some smaller streams join that river which allows them to grow wider and inturn they flow in seas and oceans.

Indian Rivers: -
Delhi, Agra, Mathura are some important towns where the yamuna river flows and is about 1380 km parallel to the Ganga River. This river was considered one of the most fertile areas in the subcontinent during ancient times but today it is polluted with industrial and domestic waste.

There are approximately 500 million people living along the banks of the river Ganga and it is also considered the holiest of all rivers in India. The water of this river is also considered sacred and this water is used in prayers. The industrial sectors discharge all the waste into the river and pollute the river. Humans even wash and bath in the river contributing to the pollution.

This river is longer than the Ganga river and is navigable even at a height of 10000 feet. Brahmaputra river as compared to other river is less polluted but its main problem is constant flooding. Deforestation and human activities are the main cause of floods.

It is at an altitude of about 16000 feet and flows through the Himalayas. It is also known as the Sindhu and has its source close to southwestern Tibet.

This river originates in Madhya Pradesh and is said to be the lifeline of Orissa.

It originates in Madhya Pradesh in Shahdol district and is known as the largest river in India. It is the seventh largest and the most beautiful rivers in India. In Matsya Puranas it is stated that even a sight of the river could wash away the sin. Considering the other major rivers, Narmada river is supposed to be less polluted.

Kaveri river originates in Karnataka and is worshipped as a jeeva-nadi. The water of this river is used for agriculture and has been the source of irrigation.

This river originates in the Sahyadri range to the northeast of Mumbai and is also the largest drainage basin in the country. After the Ganga river, Godavari is second in size. It is also the main rice growing areas in the east coast.