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In both rural and urban India groundwater is the important source of drinking water. For industrial and agricultural sector also it is important source of water.

In many parts of the world the increased demand for water has led to water scarcity. Due to improper management of water resources, India is heading towards a freshwater crisis which in turn is leading to unsafe water supply to millions of people. This crisis is caused by human actions.

India’s domestic need for water has increased because of population and changing lifestyles. Pollution of water is deteriorating the quality of groundwater.

There has been lack of efficiency in water usage and lack of attention in water conservation. The problem today is pollution of water, air and land which inturn is pollution of groundwater. The pollution of environment is due to the waste generated from solid, liquid and gas which are not treated properly.

Industrial waste has also polluted groundwater. Water pollution has affected over 45 million around the world.

Problems like water logging, industrial effluents, and salinity should all be looked into carefully. There is a need to regenerate groundwater aquifers, as there is high dependence for drinking water in the urban cities. Rainwater harvesting should be made compulsory in many cities. This will reduce saltwater ingress and rise in groundwater level.

The government should implement effective ground water legislation through local institutions.

Making the communities aware of freshwater crisis and getting them involved in conservation and development activities will contribute in the success of freshwater crisis. In 1974 the parliament passed the water prevention and control Act in India and was adopted by all the states by 1990.