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Environment Calender

February 22
World Wetland
Wetlands are a important part of our biodiversity and it is in our interest to see that they are safeguarded. In 1971, the Rasar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance was signed.
February 28
National Science Day
This day is taken to highlight the role of science in the protection of the environment.
March 21
World Forestry Day
On this day we highlight the importance of greenery and perform activities such as the planting of trees.
March 22
World Water Day
As drinking water soures are fast depleting. The world must get up to tackle the problem and begin conserving it.
March 23
World Meterological
Weather is an internal part of the environment.
April 7
World Health Day
In 1948 the World Health Organisation (WHO) was constituted.
April 18
World Heritage Day
We must all realise that Environment is just not the natural surroundings but also the manmade ones.
April 22
Earth Day
In 1970 attention of the world was drawn to the problems being caused to the earth due to modernisation.
May 31
Anti Tobacco Day
Smoking is a problem not only for the smokers but also for those who inhale the smoke.
June 5
World Environment Day
In 1972 people from around the world gathered at the Stockholm Conference on human environment in sweden to express the concerns for the environmental problems.
July 11
World Population Day
This needs mention as the world population is ever increasing.
September 16
World Ozone Day
This day was declared by the United Nations as the International Day for the preservation of the ozone layer.
September 28
Green Consumer Day
Consumerism is having a major impact on the environment and it is essential to build awareness with regards to the same.
October 3
World Habitat Day
Along with human beings the earth is also the habitat of other living creatures.
October 1-7
World Wildlife Week
It is essential to celebrate this week to create awareness for preserving the wildlife.
October 4
World Animal Welfare Day
Animals have to given due importance and their welfare should be looked into.
October 13
International Day for Natural Diaster Reduction
Changes in the environment cause increase in natural disasters and it is important to create awareness of the same.