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It is difficult to describe what bonding is, it is certainly getting to know your baby and exploring her through her senses and through yours. It's also to do with attachment, protectiveness and possessiveness.

Establishing relationship with your baby begins the second she is born. Research has shown that the sensitive period for bonding is the first hour of life. At this time babies are usually quite but alert.

Research has even shown that parents who are given unrestricted contact with their children immediately after delivery raise their children in a more constructive way than parents whose babies are taken away at birth.

Fathers first contact
Paternal bonding to an infant is not very different from maternal bonding. So during the sensitive period it is important for the father to hold his baby to make eye and skin contact. Taking care of a newborn is often elementally reduced to feeding and comforting and some new dads do not know if what they have got are fit enough for it. Here are few actions which will reassure a new dad that he can be a very good and caring dad.




Give your baby the midnight bottle feed
Once the baby is on a supplement or formula the new father should take it on him to give the midnight bottle feed. It is having time alone with the baby will respond beautifully.



Take a bath together
The combination of a screaming baby to a slippery skin may make the first time dad nervous. Let your husband be an on looker for the first time and soon he will be comfortable playing with him with his bath toys, etc.
3. Change diaper
During a change you get to touch the baby and talk to him
4. Be there during illness
Nobody wants their baby to get sick. A night spent rocking a sick child will make painfully, preciously realize what parenthood is all about.