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A couple of generations ago, gender roles seemed clearly defined, the mothers doing the household work, taking care of the children, whereas the fathers are the ones who go to office and earn the living. But today the picture is quite different. Both Mum and Dad work outside the home. There are many father who spend just as much of their free time changing nappies, reading bedtime stories, loading the washing machine, etc.

However, for many dads, the challenging task of fathering made even more difficult since they spend so much time traveling. One can be a good father inspite of being away.

The following are few suggestion for all dads :

Tell your family where you are going and why ? Help them get a sense of the purpose behind your work and your traveling.


Be sensitive to your children's emotional needs. There is a great concept, in where yours kids emotion, disposition towards you is a bank account, When you are involved and available to meet their needs, you are making deposits while when you are out away at work or being at work till late you are making withdrawals. Hence, it is necessary make plenty deposits when there are withdrawals. It is very necessary for a dad to make up for the lost time. You can still have a consistent presence without physically being there.


Offer words of encouragement and blessing or a simple message like 'I love you'.


Try to call every day and check and encourage your child to call to anytime. This reassures him that you are available to him.


Talk first about your family's activities, not your own.