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One of the most important and far reaching things that can happen to a man is becoming a father. Psychologists say the father-child relationship colours all future relationships with men. You are your son's main male role - model as he travel on his long journey towards manhood.

One wonders on the term " Perfect Dad". Psychologists believe that a man needs to be only a "good enough" father and not a perfect one. For children to feel loved and understood are the two things that are invaluable for their well being.

In today's time, its a good place to be a dad. As a father realises about the importance of fathering. Most men take a delight and pride in their new baby. Sometimes, new fatherhood like any type of change, can feel dangerous as it alters the mans lifestyle. The following ways you can cope :


It is perfectly normal to feel ambivalent even about something as wonderful and important as your child. Don't feel guilty for such feeling.

2. Eat a healthy diet and exercise. Keep your self in shape as it will help you cope with broken nights of sleep and early morning work.

Experiment with more effective stress management techniques.


Spend some time with friends. A change of atmosphere will pep you up and make you more enthusiastic to be with your child.

5. Meet your needs for sex by cuddling your partner and have foreplay until she is fit well and ready for full intercourse.