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A good education is often a major factor in propelling children to long term success in life. A father can play a very important role in his child's education. He can have a very positive and powerful impact on his child's attitude and performance in education.

Research has shows that when fathers are involved in children's education, they perform well and exhibit excellent behaviour. If the parents do not show interest in the child's school work, chances are the child won't be either interested.

Young boys especially require a lot of encouragement from the father. They want to intimate their father. Their greatest inspiration is their father. The father is the role model. Quite often it's the mother who checks the child's homework. The result is the child feels this is a "ladies job" so he may get turned off and look for a more so called " masculine" pursuit, which could be a negative influence .

Let the child know that school education and achievement are very important and dad and mom are there to help me. You can help your child in the following way :


Be aware of his day to day happenings in school. Discuss with him his day at school. Check in his assignments.


Read to your child. May be a fiction to a newspaper. Make him aware of the happenings in the world. Discuss with him and allow him voice his opinion too.


Appreciate him for his achievement and encourage him to still do better.


Visit your child's school atleast once a month. Know the name of his teachers and few friend.


Make him feel secure that you can be counted on for any help.