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Traditionally a good father provided for his family and acted as a disciplinarian, but today many men actively share parenthood with their wives. Child rearing is as important as careers.

Good fathers have a more arousing and playful relationship with their children. Fathers are more likely than mothers to teach physical competence, new skills and confidence in asserting opinion.

Children with effective fathers get along better with their peers and display social confidence. They adapt to change more easily and score higher on intelligence.

How do you rate your father? Is he a good dad. The following questions, would help you in answering the above question "Is he a good dad"

Is he there ?
It is not only divorced dads who have to make an extra effort. Men who travel a lot on work, who are in the military, army or on long assignments need to strengthen their bond with their child when they are home. Research has linked a low IQ results, poor school performance due to lack of father figure.


Can the kids count on him ?
Does he meet up his promises ? He keeps his promises to attend a school function or a game which is important to a child.


Is he involved ?
Fathers need to be involved in a major way. Paternal involvement can be a key factor in a child's development. It may be mundane activities of driving them to school, putting them to bed, going to the doctor.


Does he tune into his kids ?
A good dad is very understanding and sensitive to the needs of his child. He realises that his adolescent wants his independence and just gives him the right amount of space and freedom.


Does he create memories ?
A good dad relates his young days and makes the child feel that he too went through all his child is doing. It's normal.