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Myth No. 1 : Newborn's do not really need fathers


The intense connection between the mother and child during breastfeeding may leave you wondering whether he really needs you. Yes he does !

Rather research has shown that father who are given unrestricted contact with their children after birth will raise their children in a more constructive way. The children turn out to be far more confident than others. Paternal bonding is as important as maternal bonding. Very often birth of a baby helps a man to express and enjoy emotions that society primes him to repress.

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You can help feed your baby if your partner expresses milk into a bottle. You can help change the diapers too. Touch too helps a lot in bonding you can ease off a bit of your spouses workload. Remember, you make a difference to the whole family.

Myth No.2 : Only expectant mother feelings are important


Your partner needs to hear your feelings. Do not feel ashamed or shy to express them. Research has shown that if men are involved from the moment pregnancy is confirmed. They become active and enthusiastic fathers. There is no greater help to a pregnant women than an interested to sympathetic partner. There is no better help with a newborn baby than an active, passionate dad. The labour itself can be just as remarkable an experience for the fathers. Give yourself permission to express both your feelings of vulnerability and excitement.

Myth No.3 : Men do not know to take care of young children


There is no such word as do not or cannot in the father's dictionary. If you make a sincere attempt, you would definitely be able to take an active and positive role in your child's life. In the USA, there are so many working mothers and the fathers take care of the child. It depends on the kind of relationship that you build with your child . If you spend time with your baby you will become sensitive to his needs.

Myth No.4 : Men who focus on their children cannot be successful businessmen.


Previously, it used to be said that men who make sacrifices and chose family over career advancement do it since they cannot succeed at work - It was no longer believed so. Rather today's man has realised the value of spending time with his family. They feel being a good father is a significant accomplishment as being a successful business man.