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The home should provide a loving and carrying environment for your child. Your child should feel free to move around without any hazards coming in his or her way. Therefore to provide your child with a safe environment, it is essential to take certain safety measures at home.

Safety Measures in the Bedroom :
Fix grills in the windows to protect your child if he/she is able to reach the windows by standing on sofas, chairs or the bed.
All sharp instruments such as scissors and blades as well as all medication should be kept away securely and out of reach.
Curtains as well as blinds should be held back and fastened with an appropriate pin.
Rickety and unstable furniture should be placed out of your child's reach as they may topple over and fall.
Chest draws should be locked to prevent your child from prying them open and then getting their fingers stuck or jammed while shutting draws.

Safety Measures in the Bathroom :
All forms of medication should be kept out of the child's reach.
* Latch or lock the bathroom door when not in use.
* Non-slip mats should be used in the bath tub to prevent falling.
* Heater switches should never be fixed within the child's reach.
* Sprays, lotions and polishes should be kept away in cabinets and out of the reach of children.

Safety Measures in the Kitchen :
Drawers and cabinets containing sharp instruments and food items should be locked.
Use the back burners on the stove if possible and ensure that the handles of pots are turned away and therefore out of reach of the child.
Never let a child sit on the kitchen counter top as he / she may touch hot utensils or electrical appliances.

Electrical Safety Measures :
All unused electrical outlets should be out of the reach of children or should be covered with a safety plug.
There should be no open wires or any exposed wiring.
No cords from any electrical equipment should be hanging lose.
All electric appliances should be grounded.