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Playgrounds offer a space and area for your children to enjoy and play freely in open surroundings and interact with children of their own age. The offer a social and interactive environment where children can develop physically and mentally. However, one must be aware of some safety measures that should be taken so as to minimize all risks and reduce chances on injury.

Never leave children without adult supervision in an open playground.
Personally survey the playground and make sure it is hazard free for your child.
Children should only play or use the equipment that is meant for their age group.
If there are any problems with the maintenance of the playground, please report it to the appropriate authority.
Opening in head rails, ladders and other playing equipment should be either very narrow or sufficiently wide to prevent your child's head from getting entrapped.
There should be no barriers to the free movement of children such as tree branches or electrical wires or construction poles.
Lastly, your child should be dressed properly for play as clothes with hoods or draw strings can cause strangulation thus leading to further injuries.