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Inspite of all protective and training measures that you might take as a parent, some times injuries do occur and it is best for you to know what kind of injuries occur.

The injuries are broadly divided into 3 main categories:

* Acute Injuries :
These occur suddenly and usually are painful or traumatic. They could take the form of minor bruises, scrapes and cut to major injuries like fractures, torn ligaments, eye injuries and brain and spinal cord injuries.

* Overuse Injuries :
Such injuries occur due to over exercising or overusing a muscle or bone. These injuries can occur in adults as well as children, however in the case of children more care needs to be taken so as to ensure proper growth and development of the muscular and skeletal system. Any person or child who plays a sport over a prolonged period of time is prone to developing such injuries. Some of the common ones are swimmer's shoulder, spondylysis or shin splints.

If your child suffers from any of these injuries, certain extra precautionary measures should be taken to prevent worsening such situations such as proper warm ups, proper technique of playing the game and moving body parts and one must not over exert or over exercise the muscle or bone.

* Reinjuries :
When suffering from a particular injury, if your child resumes playing the sport before the injury has healed, he / she could get injured again. This kind of play exerts stress on the injured part and prevents the body from healing properly. Such kind of play will put your child at a greater risk as the recovery period would increase in time.