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Even if your children are not playing or competing in sports at a professional level, they are yet prone to injuries. Therefore while playing any sport, one must take utmost care and know of all the safety procedures before hand. As a parent, it is very beneficial to know the causes, prevention as well as medication and treatment of sport injuries, so that your child may be safe and well looked after.

Even though your child may be alert and take utmost care while playing any sport, one needs to remember that in most sports that are team games, your child is playing with other individuals who may be bigger or smaller in weight and size and all their reflexes may work at different levels. Further as children grow up, an element of force and strength does get involved in these games.


* Usage of the correct sport equipment : 
The right safety gear for any sport should be worn by all children be it helmets, mouth guards, shin guards or even protective eye wear. Protective equipment should be purchased from the right stores and should be of a particular standard to ensure that they really do provide some safety. Further once purchased, the equipment should be carefully maintained to ensure that when the time comes, they perform their function effectively.

* Playing fields / courts / surfaces should also be well maintained :
There should be no ruts, ditches or mud humps on the field that may cause your child to fall and injure himself or herself.

* Need for adult supervision :
Team activities in particular need proper adult supervision by a certified coach. The coach should also ensure certain rules and playing etiquette that promote safety on the court. The coach or trainer should be trained in first aid as
well as sports injuries.

* Preparation of your child to play a sport :
Ensure that your child is prepared mentally and physically to play a particular sport before he goes out onto the field. The necessary physical training should be given. Ensure proper warm up exercises and that your child knows how to play the sport before going in for matches. Such precautionary measures will not only protect your child and prevent him from injuries but will also enable him / her to have fun while playing the sport.