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Squash is a racquet game like tennis and badminton, but is only played indoors. The objective of the game is bounce a ball across the walls till the opponent cannot face it.

You need to concentrate on 3 areas before playing squash. Equipment, Players and Location.

Equipment :

Racquet : In squash the equipment you'll need as a minimum is the racquet. Nowadays racquets are made out of an composite of graphite and titanium. They are very light and give you full control of your strokes and swings. A racquet 2 should have an overhead size of 490cm or greater in head size. This will give you a larger sweet spot for manoeuvering the ball. With such sizes, even if you don't hit the ball with the center of the racquet you can still get power in the stroke. This is best for your child when he or she is beginning to learn
the game. Very light racquets are not advisable since they will have very little power. You should select one that is well balanced and durable since the racquet is liable to bang the wall and floor in almost every game.

Ball : Squash balls are one of the few in sports to come in grades. Blue balls are for beginners and they bounce very easily. Red balls are the next in level of skill since they bounce less than the blue ones but still bounce almost instantly. Yellow balls are great for the regular players and warms up after a bit of usage. Finally Double Yellow balls which are slower than the other balls and need to be warmed up sufficiently before optimum use.

Eye Protection : All professional players play with eye protection. Since the game revolves around a very fast moving bouncing ball which is anything but soft, protecting the eye becomes unquestionable. If your child is interested in squash this should be a requisite.

Shoes : Try and get your child a pair of squash shoes. These have a lot of shock absorption and support for the feet since the game involves a lot of jumping and running. Stay away from thin soled shoes or running shoes since they will not provide the right support.

Squash Equipment

Approximate Prices*


Rs.650 - 6000


Rs.75 - 100
* The above prices are indicative prices and may vary according to the quality / brand of equipment.

Players :
Squash can be played with 2 players for singles and 4 for doubles.

Location :
Squash courts are always indoors. They are enclosed spaces which are 6 meters in width and 9.75 in height. The courts are demarcated in sections for the serving area and the floors are generally made out of wood. Squash courts for doubles games are often bigger in size though you may not find them easy to come by. Most courts are designed for singles games.


The players need to prepare for a fast game and chasing since the squash ball is known to bounce all over the court. The point system is called a 9 rile and the first player to reach the score of 9 wins. Though when the player does reach 8, he has the option to choose whether he'd like to end the game at 9 or 10.

The player who serves must serve from a box in the front which is allocated to the player for serving. The ball has to bounce off the wall and land in the back section of the court. The second player has then to face the ball after the bounce or before it and then bounce it on any wall. Success of one player depends on the inability of the other to face the ball.