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Special Recipes for children at this age
(same as in case of 6 to 9 months)

a. The baby can be continued to be breastfed or can be given fortified milk formula.
b. The baby must start to use a cup so that they are off all bottles by the age of one year.
c. A baby is most likely to self wean himself between the age of 9 to 12 months.
d. Give the baby soft table foods if approved by your doctor and increase the texture and variety of foods in the diet.
e. Give the child the opportunity to use the newly developed skill of plucking things by giving them small bits of soft table food. The food on your plate seems much more appetizing to them, so take advantage of this to introduce table foods.
f. The milk intake decreases considerably and the child will either want to feed themselves or still want you to do it.
g. Give your child a spoon to hold to get used to it. As much as possible let the toddler feed himself.
h. Feed your toddler 3 meals a day eaten with the family and a mid- morning and mid-afternoon snack.
i. Develop a "Take it" or "Leave it" attitude and do not get into the habit of substituting bribing or begging your child to eat. Children will determine the amount of food they need, therefore never overload their plate.
j. Avoid foods that cause choking like peanuts, popcorn, whole grapes, and large pieces of raw vegetables or fruits.
k. Always supervise your child while they are eating.
l. Your baby's appetite is going to take a nose dive in the next 6 months. They have been experiencing very rapid growth for a while, doubling their birth weight at 5 - 6 months and tripling it only at a year.


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