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Physical Development:
a. The baby is an expert on crawling.
b. The baby can stand with support.
c. The baby starts climbing on chairs and sofas.
d. The baby can also walk with some help.
e. The baby can pick up objects with the tips of thumb and forefinger.

Mental Development:

a. They become inquisitive and starts exploring things by touching everything. The baby starts to bang toys and objects together.
b. The baby starts to understand words like "Yes" or "No".

Language Development:

a. The baby says simple words like "Mama", "Papa" and "Dada".
b. The baby mimics sounds like coughing and laughing.

Social Development:

a. The baby enjoys copying actions of elders.
b. The baby clearly indicates what he wants.
c. The baby plays games like clapping of hands and waving good-bye.


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