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By the time your baby is 9 months old, he would be able to crawl or walk with some assistance. He begins to understand words and recognizes the names of familiar objects. At this age, he will want to move, grab and get to whatever used to be out of his reach. His motor skills and problem solving skills are improving.

Ball :
He is familiar with this, but the ball gets more thrilling when he can actually bounce them off the floor.

Block :
Blocks give him the chance to practice the art of stacking.

Books :
Reading to a child at any age will pay off. It helps your baby to be creative. Listening to your voice helps your baby develop a ear for the spoken language.

Push Toys :
These toys gives your baby a chance to exercise his new walking skills. Choose a push toy that is heavy weighted so that your toddler can lean onto it and take a round or two around the living room.

Toy Telephone :

Your baby will try to imitate you. Even if he can not say much yet, he will try to communicate by holding the receiver and pushing the buttons.

Bucket and Shovel :

This is one of the favourite toys of most babies. They enjoy filling and dumping activities.

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