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Taking Your Baby Out                                                 

One of the mistakes that new mothers make is that they stay at home all day. After consulting your pediatrician, you should move out. Taking the baby out helps you, as well as the baby.

After you finish the tasks of getting the baby dressed, fed and diapered, you should be ready to push the stroller, which is a good exercise for you and enjoyable for the baby. Even a 10 minute outing would be good for both of you.

It is very necessary to plan a trip. There are some suggestions for traveling with a young baby :
Be flexible: Traveling with babies is a wonderful experience if one goes with the flow.
Pick a baby friendly destination: Stay with family or stay in hotels that are baby friendly. Stay in hotels which provide baby meals.
Take medical precautions: Check with the doctor that the baby’s immunization are up-to-date. Schedule a check up before taking a trip. If a baby takes medication, be sure to have enough stock for the trip. Be sure to know the safe dosage according to the baby’s age.
Safety inside the car: A car seat for the baby would be an ideal choice, to keep him safe inside the car while traveling.
Pack wisely: Always carry a changing bag. It should be light weight. It should contain wipes, bottles, diapers, a light pull over, some empty disposable bags, a light blanket and a pair of socks.
Bring water and plenty of snacks : Always carry a water bottle and a bag of snacks. Always carry bananas, biscuits, small juice cartons and some whole grain cereal. If you travel by air, it is dehydrating, so offer a lot of liquids to the baby.
Plan frequent breaks : Since babies become restless sitting in car seats
for very long stretches, while taking stops, take the baby out for some fresh air.
Time the trip: The time of the journey is very important. One has to manipulate the timing tactfully without disturbing the baby’s routine. If the baby has taken a nap, he could stay awake a couple of hours past his usual bedtime.
Do not rock the boat: Avoid unnecessary changes just before making a trip. Do not try weaning the baby. Do not introduce solids.

Contents of a Diaper Bag

To go out with your baby, all you need is a bag called the Diaper Bag. We have given below the likely contents of a diaper bag. As you become aware of your baby’s habits you will modify what you carry in the Diaper Bag.

*    Disposable diapers.

*    Changing pad.

*    Baby wipes.

*    Petroleum jelly / ointment.

*    Bag for dirty diapers / dirty clothes.

*   A spare outfit for the baby.

*   A spare outfit for yourself.

*   A bib.

*   Some toys for the baby.

*   Bottle and formula powder, if bottle-fed.

*   Some snacks, if the baby is eating solids.

*   Your pediatrician's phone number.




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