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In the 21st century, computers play a larger role in our lives at home and at work. Previously it used to be said that one was lost if one didn't know driving, now if a child doesn't have computer knowledge, he would lose in this day and age. It is very necessary that children should grow up feeling comfortable with computer.

In fact learning to use a computer is like learning a language. The sooner the child begins the better. Their the rules for using it become second nature to the child and more sophisticated ways to use it are easily acquired.

Computer is a marvelous means of getting information. Maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias are all available at the click of a mouse. Its good for data entry and word processing. There are many interactive programs, educational softwares that make learning fun. However to every coin there are two sides. Many children just like to use computers to play games which are unimaginative carriers of violence. Some games promote aggression and violence.

Nowadays many children use the internet. Internet allows easy accessing of information on computer in a way which is easily accessible and infinite in scope. Its potential for teaching is immense. But along with the real advantages there are some dangers too. In this virtual world of the internet, there are individuals who prey on children's, innocence and immaturity to serve their own selfish needs. Pornography, violent games, sexual chat discussion are few of the things easily accessible on the net. It is very necessary to keep a check and control the use of the net.

It is very necessary to limit the hours of a child on the computer. This will also depend on the individual child and his usage of the computer. Make sure that the computer is being used for constructive purposes.

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