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Why do teenagers feel depressed ?

Depression is not a mood or pluses. It is an all encompassing groom that envelops every aspects of a persons existence a depressed person feels in capsule of handling the smallest problems.

Adolescence is a stage of life when teenagers go through changes physically. There are lots of hormonal changes taking place. The teenagers go through a period of uncertainty and confusion is they are trying to find their own independent. There are some teenagers who cannot cope with the tumult of emotions,  they fall in to depression.

Signs of depression


Pessimistic Attitude
Depressed teenagers always look at the pessimistic view of things. Them a glass is always half empty and not half full. They take failures personally scenery a being directly related to their personality rather than to anything they might have done.


Pesschosomatic Illness
Depression leads to psycho sonic diseases Psychosomatic diseases means diseases related to the mind .  It is due to particular framework of the mind that one falls ill. Be leaches, Skin rashes, Stomach ache Depressed teenagers love to go self sympathy.  It is the worst kind of way to get some positive attention.


Ashamed of himself
A teenagers unusually depressed want to helices another person. He as ashamed of himself and looks drown upon himself.


A depressed teenagers is antisocial.  Therefore he feels nobody would want him around.   He feels lost in company and feels he has nothing of interest to say and does not have the necessary social skill to make him well liked.


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