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Some children are more vulnerable to alcohol, drugs and smoking especially those who think poorly of themselves, or if they have been starved for affection and attention.

Some studies have shown that children who eat one meal a day together with their family are less likely to drink and smoke.

How to talk about it :

Communicate the values
Many a times children start hearing about drinking from friends at school. It is very necessary as parents to discuss about it and communicate the values clearly.

Dangers to health
Make sure your child realizes that excess of anything be it sugar, salt or alcohol is harmful. Explain that alcohol is a drug and even tiny amounts could be dangerous as they affect the growth and development of the body and brain.

Share a very good rapport
As parents you must have a very good rapport with the children. A child should be free to ask any question under the sun to his parent. He should not be reprimanded.

Teach him to face peer pressure
It is very neccessary to teach your child to say NO. He should know how to assert himself and be able to withstand peer pressure.

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