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This is the second phase, in which there is a rapid growth in the child. Hormonal changes take place at this stage. Muscle and skeletal growth takes place.

Protein : If the diet of the child is well balanced it well take care of the protein requirements. As given in the 5 to 10 years age group, protein foods like egg, meat, nuts and seeds are good for the child.

Calcium : It is very important at this stage, for proper formation of the growing skeleton. These years are the most crucial for bone building. One of the best sources of calcium is milk. Children should be encouraged to have milk and milk products instead of soft drinks, which they prefer at this age.

Iron : The requirement for iron increases during this period. Some studies have shown that iron is one of the nutrients that may be obtained sufficiently from food during this period, especially for children who are vegetarian. Your doctor can advise you if the child requires any iron supplements.

Calories : The requirement for calories in children vary from boys to girls and also depends upon the activity level of the children.



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