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Adolescence is a time when hormones create physical changes a teen's body. They undergo an identity crisis. The teenager is starting to look for himself. He is moving from secure childhood into an uncertain adulthood. The teenager is caught up in conflicting values. They want to be different from their peers yet conform to with the group they can identity with.

Struggling for Independence :

Teenagers usually express their search for identity in few distinct ways, they are :

Doing forbidden things
Teenagers at times feel that by defying parental limits they are acting like adults.


They want to reinvent the world, and challenge and test all that the adults say. They usually reject most of the social, moral values and remould themselves according to their peers.


Teenagers will submerge their own identities to imitate a chosen celebrity. Wearing difficult breathe tight clothes is trying very hard to dress in a manner similar to his favorite actor or model. They usually wear clothes and other paraphernalia that their peer consider fashionable.


Status symbol
Another very common way in which adolescents try to have their own identity is the status symbol. Everyone wear 'branded' clothes, hangout in "cool" places, have their own room and latest electronic gadgets. Through this they hope to attract attention and be recognised as individuals.

What parents need to understand

Most parents undergo turmoil, pain and guilt through these years. They feel blamed. Parents have to feel sure of themselves. By handling teenagers with empathy and love, parents may actually be in control of the situation.

The following steps must be taken by parents :
1. Understand the nature of the age.
2. Be fun but fair to all the limits that you set.
3. Learn to be more patient and understanding.
4. Be more a friend than a parent
5. Develop a sense of humor
6. Be honest with your child
7. Heed the emotional needs of your teenagers
8. Be realistic and not idealistic.


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