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By this age, your child should be proficient in the use of all his basic social skills. Be it being over at a friend's place or asking permission to be excused from the table or apologizing on being late etc.

1. Why and how of etiquette - The underlying principle of good manners is consideration towards others saying "Please", "Sorry" and "Thank You" should mean you care. To raise a well mannered child you need to teach him the "why " of etiguelte along with the "how".


Have an age appropriate expection - Expecting a 9 month to a year old baby to have table manners or asking him to keep his hands out of mashed potato is asking for too much.


Use constructive age to illustrate good manners - When you see an elderly women in the bus, offer her a seat, offer to carry heavy bag, for an elderly man.


Writing thank you Notes - Kids at this age should be able to write their own thank you notes. Receiving presents is so exciting that kids at this age tend to forget to thank. Remind him to do so. If your child opens a gift in front of the person who gave, prompt him to offer his thanks.

Though by this age your children will be more often on their own, the good manners you have instilled will always stay with them.


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