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Mine is an important word in the vocabulary of a typical teenager. Children embrace the security that comes from the accumulation of possessions - the more, the better.

Reasons for Materialism :


Through the medium of television the children get increasing awareness of what's the latest and the desires to have the same thing themselves


Peer Pressure
As the children go to school they see their peer having different material goods. They observe that the attention they receive due to those goods be it shoes, some fancy stationery, latest gadget, etc. Each child desires to have these kind of possession. At times, it could lead to a lot of materialistic competition. For e.g one friend saying to another "I have the latest Nike with air cushions", "Oh I have the latest digital camera". This is a very unhealthy competition


Home Atmosphere
Kids vary strongly in their acquisitiveness depending on how strongly materialism is emphasized at home. It cold be that the parents are all the time discussing money matter, etc


How to get over this ?


Set good examples
Children are very good imitators. Be their role model by not stressing so much importance to materialistic items


Occupy them
Make them join various activities like skating, Piano classes, etc. so that they spend their time constructively


Value Judgement Talks
Talk to them about the values one must inculcate of sharing, togetherness, etc. Teach your child that you value an object not for its value but for its inherent quality or sentiment value


Turn off the T.V
Television wields the greatest influence on children. Limit your child's exposure to T.V especially the commercials and he'll be less likely to demand a lot of things


Reward him an occasion
Give him presents on birthdays, holidays, etc. Make him tell you what he requires and buy it but gradually. Delay gratification. Make him learn to prioritize - for e.g These are the four things I require a) Video game b) Pen set c) Toy d) Tennis Racket. Give him a chance to get thinking of the item he requires the most


Spend quality time
Make an effort to spend time together doing things that don't lose anything, playing a game, etc. To feel less guilty, Parents who are so involved in their hectic work schedules usually offer their children all the goodies


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