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Every phase of parenting presents its challenges from the first days after you bring your little baby home to the last days before you see of your child to college or another career step.

Parenting has never been easy especially with more double income families it becomes more difficult as parents don't have time in hand to spend for their children.

It is very necessary for this generation parents to deliberately think of ways to stimulate and get satisfaction of being an effective parents.

Parents who thrive on working and leave their children at home should make a special effort to stay close to them like, snuggling together before going to bed, reading a favorite story book together, eating breakfast together, may be a walk together after work. It is necessary for the parent Child to interact and communicate their day to day happening.

Many parents feel very hesitant about spending the few hours they have disciplining them may be even issuing time out. Neglecting discipline and being extra nice may assuage any guilt one feels, but such an approach isn't in the child's interest. It is necessary for him to know what he can do and cannot do and what is expected of him.

It is necessary to make children self reliant and build up their self esteem. As parents one must make it a part to until values like honesty, punctuality, sharing, etc. If the child does share with another child may be his toys, he must be applauded. If a child commits a mistakes and comes up and accepts it honestly he must not be criticized rather should be forgiven and made to realize not to do it again.

Sometimes parents get so very involved in the race & competition, they put their children under severe pressure. It is necessary for each parent to recognize his child's potential and his weakness. Parents should encourage their children to improve or enhance any innate talents too. It necessary to recognize a child's talent initially and guide him to excel in it. One should resist any kind of unhealthy pressure.

Parenthood is indeed a very difficult job, but it is very satisfying too. As the proverb goes "No gains without pains " to bring up wonderful nice children, parents have to make certain sacrifices. Parents have to strike the right balance with their children. They have to be more of friends than just mature adults and share a wonderful rapport, at the same time some times they have to be parents - who are guarding the children, setting certain rules and disciplining them.

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