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Many times children get confused when they are crossing the bridge between dependency and independency. Very often, to protect themselves from their personal indecisiveness, these young adolescents take refuge in each other.


When children establish own group, they set certain norms. The way they behave, dress, speak. They have to abide by the rules set in.


Adolescence is a time when children are making a tremendous effort to be independent, so it is very necessary for parents to have a very good rapport with their child. Openness in conversation whether about their day to day happening or about matters of morality. There should be mutual respect, politeness and love.


As parents, you must give "space" to your child too. You should keep a vigilant look but allow them to make decision. Do not force them to share their secrets and do not invade on their privacy too.


The relationship between the parent and child should be such that either one can bring up an embarrassing subject and discussions freely. The parent should treat the child exactly like an adult friend.


As parents, you must be close to your child and know all his friends. If your child knows that you don't actively disapprove of his friends, he or she will probably even let you mingle with his friends and participate.


At times a child feels like making his own decision, or agree with his friend on a particular issue. Let him. Parents who understand and accept their child's need for group conformity, are in fact helping their children in the long run. At times inspite of you understanding your child needs to be in his group he may reject you.


Adolescence is a very tender age as they transpire through a lot of changes. Peer pressure, studies, inability to relate to parents all conclude to stress. It is very necessary for a child to express himself or at time he may take an extreme step.

Therefore, parents who want their kids to make wise choices, must really look into their means of communication.

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