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Sports can be a positive experience for your child's body and mind. Outdoors Unstructure Activities and games are essential for every child. Let a child explore, go trekking with his friends, encourage him to play, run around, jump, etc. These activities are an essential way of venting out physical energy.

Physical activities can be divided into two :
a.  Outdoor unstructured activities
b.  Structured physical activities
Structured physical activities instil disipline, camaraderie's values like sporting spirit and trust. It also helps a child to take his own decision and sharpens his thinking process. Structured activities are games like cricket, football, swimming, cycling, etc. Encourage your child to play games and help him specialise in any type of sport if he excels or has a liking interest in it.

The advantages of sports :


Tones up muscles and strengthen bones : Physical fitness. Keeps our body in excellent shape. It makes the body supple.


Generates sprit of camaraderie : It teaches a child about teamwork and unselfish play. Playing for team and not for personal accomplishment.


Teaches to accept defeat gracefully : It assists a child in developing the skill for handling disappointments.


Generates healthy spirit of competition : Positive competition is a healthy competition.


Channelize energies constructively : Sports channelizes the mental and physical energy in a more positive manner thus preventing your child from going into wrong company, etc. It inspires and energizes youngsters.


Builds self esteem and confidence : Sports improves body postures and lends a grace to the body, thus enhancing self esteem. It boosts a child's morale when he excels on a specific skills he has e.g. If he is very good in fielding and bowling in the sport of cricket. He can work more towards that skill it makes him feel more confident.


Builds good immune system : It improves body immune system thus promoting good health. It builds good appetite.


Make a child more disciplined.



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