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Your child is ready for more elaborate toys but safety is a very important factor. Their hands are becoming more co-ordinate too. Their play involves lots of experimentation. Toddlers like to imitate elders so look for toys that imitate daily life. Toddler truck, the small push cart is designed so that it neither trips when child pulls himself up by the handle, nor does it run away when he toddles with it. It gives him mobility.   

Pull Toys :
Once he walks steadily he can pull a wheeled toy along and walk at the same time.

Ride on toys :
Any toy for him to sit on and push himself along by his feet should have castors, which will take pressure in any direction.

Push Toys :
These are unsafe until he can get to his feet without using anything to pull up by and understands that when riding, he must push straight with his feet.

Romping toys :
Soft toys nearly as big as himself are fun to romp with and a safety valve for feelings too.

Fitting Toys :
Although he is concentrating largely on getting mobile, hand control is developing too. He needs few toys that hold his attention while he sits still for a change.


Rods on a stand, with big coloured balls that slide onto them. The rods take different numbers of coloured balls, a first counting and colour learning toy.


Simple take-a-part toys, such as wooden vehicles with interchangeable top parts


Very simple resting toys such as a set of graduated beakers

Picture books :
Your toddler will enjoy more advanced picture books showing familiar objects and activities.

Ball :
Any ball that's easy to grip - underinflated bench balls, vinyl balls, cloth balls. At this age you can introduce little one to 'catch'.

Large and small blocks :
Working with blocks lets your toddler build him handling skills by grabbing, stacking and sorting.

Toy instruments :
Children generally love music and the chance to create their own sound, no matter how cacaphonous. A keyboard, piano, violin, etc.

Puzzles :
They are a good way to give your young child little victories. Choose puzzles that have very few pieces and are easy to handle.

Train sets :
Your toddler can use his new dexterity to link the wagons and run the whole train around the house.


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