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The Basics

Teaching manners to a toddlers who's mastering so many other new skills can seem like an exercise in futility. During this year, children begin to interact with other children and they need to be taught the basic fundamentals of polite behaviour.

Be patient while you teach your toddler as they have a very short attention span. They have a short memory too, so you may have to repeat yourself a lot.

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1. Set an exemplary example
The best way to teach manners to your toddler is to display them yourself. Say 'Thank you' to your toddler while he gives you a toy, etc. Taking him to set your dinning table neatly with proper utensils and napkins says a lot to your toddler about mealtime decorum.
2. Say please
Around age 1 year, your child will acquire the language skill very fast. So make sure that "Please", "Thank you" and " Sorry" become part of his vocabulary.
3. Speak for your toddler
Greeting people and saying good bye are other basic social skill that toddlers pick up easily. Rearing you repeat the " magic words" over to over in situations at home and away from home will make him much more about common courtesy.
4. Sharing
Toddlers are just about understanding the concept of sharing. The best way to make a toddler share is to give him too similar toys and help him handover one his playmate.

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