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As with any of your child's new skill, your job is to provide encouragement and support.

In the past, reading and writing remained a mystery to most children until they entered school. However, its not so any longer. As early as his first birthday, be sure to have his supplies of crayons, papers, colouring books, when he shows interest in scribbling.

How to develop the writing skills


Write your child's name on his pictures and ask "whose name is that?"


Give him plenty of paper, crayon, chalk board, magnetic letters.


If he's interested make lines and circles on paper and ask him to imitate them.


Applaud his attempt.


The more language he hears, the faster will his communication skills improve including writing. Read and talk to your child as much as possible.

The most important thing you can do is let your child learn at his own pace. Each child has his non-developmental time table and priorities. Don't criticize.


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